Picking the Perfect Perfume

Wearing a scent is something that has been popular since Ancient Egyptians used perfumes to denote status. Throughout the course of history, people have used to perfumes to either mask bad odors, or to convey certain images about themselves or evoke certain emotions. In my opinion, even today, the perfume that one chooses to wear continues to do just that. While some people prefer to collect and wear different perfumes depending on the day, I would rather choose one scent that I can stick to for a long time, which is why selecting a particular perfume to wear was a daunting task; one that took me almost three years to achieve. When I was a teenager, I would bounce around from sugary scent to fruity scent, and back again. However, once I reached twenty, I decided that I’d had enough of the latest body sprays with the fun scents. I wanted something to match the person that I was trying to become. I wanted something older and more refined.


The search for this particular scent took ages as I found myself testing out all of the perfumes I’d come across every time I would go shopping. The result was always the same. I would walk away covered in scents that I didn’t like, and a headache from sniffing too much perfume!

Finally, one day the answer came to me: “Tresor” by Lancome. I simply couldn’t believe that I’d overlooked it over the years! My mum always wore Tresor, so there is quite a lot of sentimentality that factors into my love of the perfume. When I smell it, it takes me back to being a child. I remember watching her in her beautiful clothes with her beautiful products and knowing that I desperately wanted to grow up to be elegant and sophisticated as well.


Ultimately, for me, it came down to finding something that portrayed my personality type and personal sense of style and “Tresor” by Lancome does just that. It is sophisticated and adult, (yet not too old), and the sentimentality bit is simply a bonus.


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