Visiting Agritopia

Allow me to introduce a gem of Gilbert….. Agritopia!


One of my favourite places to visit on a day off is Agritopia. While I always opt to grab a cappuccino and some food, there are many cute and quirky elements to Agritopia.


Firstly, the entire place has a sort of updated farm house vibe, mixing modern with rustic  and creating a space that makes you feel as though you have been transported out of Arizona as soon as you arrive. As I mentioned, I always stop off at The Coffee Shop straight away and order a cappuccino. Usually I pair it with a plain bagel, but today I decided to try a cupcake. This particular coffee shop actually won Cupcake Wars so I was eager to try their talent.


If you decide to wander around Agritopia, you’ll find several different restaurants and a winery. All have their own unique style and I often find myself wandering into them just because I love the way that they look.

IMG_0658 IMG_0655

Agritopia also has a small salon studio located inside and a stationary shop and florist. Essentially, it seems like it’s own little village secluded from the rest of Gilbert and always offers something new to explore and enjoy every time I visit.


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